TiGRE - Tiny Graphic Rendering Engine

  • TiGRE is a C++ project by ands, which was created primarily for the purpose of learning/testing - that's why I reinvented the wheel for a few features.
  • State: In development, code available for members only, development paused


  • Skyboxes
  • Postprocessing: bloom, screen space ambient occlusion (in development), fog, etc…
  • Deferred lighting
  • Fast terrain-renderer with:
    • megatexturing (terrain-atlasses with up to 32768×32768 pixels tested, simple megatexture-generator as an further project)
    • atlastexturing
    • texturesplatting
    • GPU-based level-of-detail algorithm
    • grassblades (grassblades fading out with distance, adjustable colormap)
  • Procedural tree-generator with a few adjustable parameters and a simple Level-Of-Detail algorithm
  • Fully GPU-based Particleengine, which could easily handle a million particles per frame
    • Simple fountain-effect
    • Explosion-handler/renderer
  • GUI-renderer (dialogues, controls, events, filebased themedescriptions, console with tab-completion and history)
  • Configuration-manager
  • Hopefully platform-independent ;)


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